BeTR has a wealth of experience in managing projects in the mobility and renewable energy market for private and public companies. BeTR project management is experienced in both small teams as well as large 30+ teams, dealing with company internal stakeholders as well as external stakeholders.

recent projects

BeTR 30 year lasting project management experience was last 6 years focused on large scale implementations for global usage of car navigation routing technology; delivery of high usage route planning web site technology; delivery of a national DJ radio station portal for traffic information radio bulletins;  realization of traffic management bulk feed services for business owners; definition and management of end user testing of ground breaking navigation technology by large scale beta testing with 2000+ participants. BeTR project management experience includes operations project handover and securing IT service management which is the essential last step towards a successful and reliable day-to-day service delivery.

BeTR operations management

Last 2 years BeTR management experience comprehended the setup of operational processes and corresponding R&D of web crawling technology and large dataset processing capability, managed by a lightweight ITIL process, resulting in a system capability of processing the places data for a dozen countries with in total around 20 million places and prepared for expanding to double or triple the number of countries.

BeTR project management

More in general, BeTR project management experience includes all aspects of project management, amongst others: definition, scoping, feasibility, infrastructure and people resourcing, requirements gathering, team building, planning, managing implementation & delivery, risk management and marketing support.


creating information technology to improve travel time and journey experience


BeTR project management

BeTR is registered at the chamber of commerce in the hague, the netherlands, no 54809606                            contact              +31 6 290 525 69                ben.rutten@betr.nl